PT PAPUA AGRO LESTARI Provides Free Medical Treatment in the Border Region

( Foto : dok SNN )

Asiki. PT Papua Agro Lestari (PAL) Korindo Group Papua has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program or social awareness program for the community around the company's area. There are three CSR programs that have been carried out, those are public welfare, health, and education.

To realize it, PT PAL Korindo Group Papua held free medical treatment and health counseling for the communities in the border of bastop swamps, Merauke, on Saturday (21/01), which is part of CSR program in education. This activity also involved members of Task Force Para Raider 330/17 Kostrad.

In carrying out the CSR program in health, the 30 volunteers from PT Papua Agro Lestari are prioritizing the public health in the border of bastop swamp. During the free medical treatment attended by 102 patients, PT Papua Agro Lestari also conducted a counseling on healthy living in the household and in the surrounding environment, as well as maintaining dental care as a precaution.

Mutimanggi is the furthest village in Ulilin district which can only be reached through the river by motor boat whose community is the hamlet owner of PT PAL's plantation.

Furthermore, the people considered this activity as very helpful to the region. "We realize that PT Papua Agro Lestari is very concern about us. This program is very helpful, so we could really feel the company's concern for us. We hope that this program can be improved and carried out regularly," said one of the residents.

While Hubertus, one of the volunteers is sure that the program will help the people to understand more about the importance of health and also about the company's concern to the community. As for the volunteers, they can participate in social activities and interact with the local people who live far from the company's area.